Dr. Chiedza Kambasha


Dr. Chiedza Kambasha is a 34 year old Social entrepreneur from Zimbabwe.She works with a team of 100 volunteers and has been instrumental in reducing border town conflict, crime and ideological groupings disguised as groups to champion employment for women, often working in sensitive territory her work has seen her organization Butterfly Borders and Ignite Africa rehabilitate and secure scholarships and back to school initiatives for young women and girls while using technology to promote peace in communities with low law enforcement visibility.

Dicing on the edge of risk and immense danger this has not deterred the efforts to eliminate sex slavery, human trafficking rings and the illegal sale of organs for cash which see’s women being at risk of the vices of the black market and radical illegal enterprises across Sub-Sahara Africa. To date Butterfly Borders has been instrumental in unravelling the hidden border town conflicts that threaten peace and security for the vulnerable.