Salma Abdalla


Salma Abdalla is a 27 years old Marketing and Digital Media Specialist from Sudan living in Qatar.

Her profession led her to experiment a different form of peace building; using digital communication to bridge cultural discussions between Sudan and South Sudan & foster constructive, positive and critical discussions around arts and culture, women, technology, contemporary issues, diversity and creative writings from both countries. She is convinced that lack of such discussions is an important factor in the disconnections of both nations and their misunderstanding of each other’s interests; which is a direct root cause of conflict and war.

By co-founding Andariya, a bilingual digital cultural platform for multimedia content, which she built with her partner and team and contributors, she hopes to enliven cultural ties to foster peaceful transition and cooperation for Sudanese and South Sudanese in and outside of the Sudans. An added value is to re-represent the Sudans to diverse audiences on the internet, to showcase contemporary youth views in contrast to the dominating narratives.