Marcela Michel


World Traveller, Messenger and Healer


Marcela Michel, Mexican, world traveller, considers herself a messenger. She Studied Law at University of Guadalajara in Mexico. She studied to be an attorney of law but never knew she would end up deciding to plead for people’s health.  

She found her real passion was helping people heal from their diseases, since then she has been studying different kinds of alternative methods to cure, from shamanic medicine, healing massages and the relation between the illness and mind, then, she started now to study about neuroscience and even though she is not an expert in the field she believes she can simply be guided by her intuition to assist others. But after all the studies, she conclude that the key for a better life and world is meditation, which has now direct her into a new path, spread the word about what she considers the best treatment for the world.

She states that her most valuable knowledge has actually come from life and travelling and deeply believes she can make a difference in this world by simply talking to people and help them understand that our mind is the one that delimits our goals. She believes in a symbiotic world so now she has decided to go around the world making people understand this.