Elishiba Kimani

Professor. Elishiba Kimani

Fundraising and Chairperson, Local committee


Prof. Elishiba Kimani is a professor in Gender, Education and Development Studies in Kenyatta University. She is also Associate Dean In Graduate School of Kenyatta University, since May, 2013. In addition to having been a university lecturer since October, 1990, she is the founder of the Kenyatta University Mentoring Programme, which she started in 2006. The programme goal has been to provide a psycho-social support for the undergraduate students through mentorship by trained peers and members of academic staff. She has published widely in areas of Gender, Education and Development Studies. Outside the university, Prof. Elishiba Kimani has actively participated in many gender, youth and leadership fora, nationally and internationally, as a trainer, facilitator and resource person. She is also a renowned scholar and researcher in social-economic and political in the areas of gender and youth empowerment as well as education.