David Bernard-Stevens


CEO at Effective Change Consultants Limited


David is a political science graduate from the University of Nebraska with a teaching endorsement added in.  He taught in public school systems within the United States (Nebraska) and has been an adjunct professor for Bellevue University and Mid-Plains Community College.  He received his Masters Degree in Leadership from Bellevue University and later graduated from the international CTI Co-Active Leadership Program in California.

His interest in politics and the world came early as he studied at American University in Washington D.C. while working in the Press Liaison section of the United States Senate.  It was a difficult time for the nation as international conflicts combined with the fight for civil and women’s rights created much tension.  It was here David began his true education about politics, world affairs, and leadership while learning from some of the best political minds of the times. 

David reluctantly went into teaching young minds and to his surprise found great fulfillment and joy in helping others to think critically, broaden their perspective, and learn.  He was chosen as Nebraska’s Teacher of the Year in 1982 and was one of four national finalists for Teacher of the Year within the United States.  Yet even with these honors, he sensed there was something more he should be doing and eventually gravitated into politics where he was a Senator in the Nebraska State Legislature for nine years. He never lost an election.  From there he became President of a small Chamber of Commerce within the State of Nebraska. 

Finding little fulfillment in Chamber work, David eventually formed his own business, Leader Development Group (LDG), as he felt the urge to go out into the world while combining his strengths as a teacher and knowledge of developing new, authentic leaders.  Soon afterwards, he teamed up with Women for Justice in Africa to create and implement an Empowerment and Self-Leadership program for women and youth throughout Kenya. From there he, along with 4 brilliant Kenyans, created a new Kenyan company, Effective Change Consultants, Ltd where he currently serves as CEO.

While living and working in Nairobi David continues to inspire people around the world to be the purposeful and ethical leaders they were born to be.  He mentors clients around the world. His personal story of how he chose to take a “leap of faith” to totally change the direction of his life from business and politics to that of leadership development in the world is both powerful and inspiring. That story will is told in his newest book “A Leap of Faith” published in 2015.

Teaching in a way that allows individuals to personally grow, think differently and internalize concepts; David teaches the kind of leadership which will create growth and change others thought to be impossible.  His teaching apply to businesses, corporate executives, organizations and individuals who want to build teams and programs that are resilient, sustainable and able to reach beyond the traditionally perceived boundaries.  He is most happy however when inspiring people who have lost hope into discovering their own power to create their future from what they have with no need for a handout.

He gives people the critical thinking skills, tools, and knowledge so they may choose to be that which they were created to be… and more. 

Though mostly retired, David, when he is not upcountry in Kenya working with groups and helping to create sustainable jobs, has been known to do trainings on  Anti-corruption, ethical leadership, learning HOW to think differently and HOW to change one’s life, their community and over time country.

In 2012, David married Ruth Jepngetich who is Kenyan. David has two sons from a previous marriage, David and Matthew, who are both married and living in the United States.