Besigye Joseph Bazirake


Assistant Researcher and Coordinator of the Masters Program in Reconciliation and Social Cohesion


Besigye Joseph Bazirake is an assistant researcher and coordinator of the masters program in Reconciliation and Social Cohesion at the Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice, University of the Free State in South Africa.

Joe is currently undertaking a doctoral research project that interrogates South Africa’s Higher Education change praxis. He holds a masters degree in Peace and conflict studies (2013) and a Bachelors of social sciences degree (International Relations, 2008) both from Makerere University in Uganda.

Joe’s scholarly publications to-date engage various interdisciplinary topics such as: The climate change discourse in Peace building (2013); Rotary clubs and peace building (2013); The Potential for volunteer-tourism among African youth (2015); the conceptual and practical limitations of the Responsibility to Protect (2015); Students as agents of change (2016); and motivating an empathic approach to Race-based conflict (2016).

Joe is a member of the Rotary club of Bloemfontein-Raadzaal and is serving on the steering committee for the 2016 Bridges for Peace Rotary conference to be held in Winnipeg, Canada. As an avid peace advocate, Joe offers mentorship and support to university student leaders and volunteers. He also facilitates ongoing Nonviolent communication workshops for lecturers at the University of the Free State.

Joe is also an enthusiastic sportsman who has completed numerous marathons and is part of the 2016 Free State province volleyball squad.